Please review the Walleye 101 Members Code of conduct. By submitting an application for membership you are agreeing to abide by it.

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Walleye 101 Members Only
Code of Conduct

Remember that as a member, other anglers will be looking to you as a representative of Walleye 101everywhere you go. Please follow the guidelines listed below in an effort to maintain a great reputation for all of us.

  1. Follow all fish/game and boating laws at all times. This includes but not limited to: fish size, limits, techniques and more.
  1. My actions on the water will adhere to and exceed the “rules of the road” set forth for safe boating for all.
  1. Keep your boat, truck and all equipment in good working order and neat in appearance.
  1. When in public, be mindful of your appearance; try to always be presentable and appropriate for the setting.
  1. Please refrain from excessive profanity, profane or vulgar boat names, radio call signs and or any other inappropriate behavior, especially in circumstances that allow others to see your association with Walleye 101.
  1. As part of tradition, alcohol seems to be part of the boating and fishing world. If consuming alcohol in any situation that you can be identified as part of Walleye 101, we ask that you please use discretion as to not damage others reputations by association, and if are witnessed breaking any laws concerning alcohol and boating, your membership can be revoked with no refund.
  1. Treat all anglers as “friends I have yet to meet” and treat them accordingly both on and off the water.
  1. Offer fishing help to those that ask, and when time allows, spend time with them to instruct them.
  1. Pass on the information to other anglers regarding Walleye 101 whenever appropriate. The business cards provided with membership are to be used to increase awareness and participation in Walleye 101 among non members.
  1. Make every effort to include inexperienced anglers, especially children and young adults on fishing trips whenever practical.
  1. Offer suggestions, ideas, criticisms and information to Walleye 101 for the reason of making the organization stronger and more valuable to all anglers.
  1. Share fishing information when on the water, especially with other Walleye 101 members and friends. Post Fishing trip details (Good or Bad) to the members only section of the message board in a timely manner, and with in depth information.



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